Celsius online
Based in Paris

Release date:
March 24th 2016 (worldwide release)

Smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android)
Computers via Facebook


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Celsius Heroes is at first sight an intuitive game which quickly turns out to be a true RPG with a riveting story and characters. An unprecedented mix between old-school RPG narrative and new-school Match 3 mechanics, Celsius Heroes is available worldwide on iOS, Android and Facebook from March 24th, 2016, after a successful soft launch at the end of 2015.


Curses, disasters, invasions of monsters: a deadly shadow is disturbing the peace of the County of Acilion. At the head of a party of heroes and adventurers coming from the town of Celsius, try and discover the origin of evil. Heroes with clear-cut personalities, caustic humour, a captivating story and an entire world to explore... Enjoy a true old-school RPG. With Celsius Heroes, the ambition of Celsius online is to present a true midcore game: it is a simple and intuitive game which gradually leads to a much deeper game: a true role-playing game with enthralling characters and important decisions to make, in the finest tradition of the 80-90’s RPG such as the famous Dungeon Master, Eye of the beholder II, Might and Magic IV or the Ultima series, while still being intuitive and easy to play for a less informed player, used to more casual games.


  • Play the game for free on iOS, Android and Facebook with the same account.
  • Explore dungeons and fight your enemies by using combos and spells.
  • A riveting storyline with delicious dialogue.
  • Recruit your heroes and manage their weapons, spells and equipments.
  • A whole universe to explore, with new areas available on a regular basis.
  • A caustic meta-humor!


Celsius Heroes Official Trailer YouTube

30s gameplay video YouTube




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About Celsius online

Celsius online is an independant studio based in Paris and has been developing games since 2004. Their first game, Renaissance Kingdoms, has been internationally acclaimed and translated in 25 languages. In ten years, it has become the first web-base role-playing game in Europe.

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Celsius Heroes Credits

Lévan Sardjevéladzé
Manager and Designer

Mathias Latournerie
Technical Director

Yann Bernard
Art Director

Charles-Edouard Garcia
Head of Communication

Gary Laporte
PR Manager

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